Thank You, µ’s

Thank You, µ’s

I still remember when Love Live was announced. I was among those that sighed at the announcement of yet another idol anime, fully convinced it’d be just another dull show exploiting an annoying trend.

Add to that my general prejudice against such shows that I tend to brush off as “simplistic entertainment”, and you had very negative beginnings between me and Love Live. At any rate, I hadn’t watched the show during its original TV run, but somehow ended up buying the blu-rays because they were among the few anime optical discs that featured English subtitles. I had left them in a corner of my room for a while, until, in search of some simple entertainment, I watched the first season. I did find it unexceptional, but much to my surprise, was entertained and engrossed.

It wasn’t time for me to become a fan yet. I enjoyed it, but moved on. Time passed like that for a while. Through a series of circumstances which I seem to recall started with my interest in the mobage, Love Live! School Idol Festival, I ended up getting invested in the franchise once more… but this time the outcome was slightly different. The fun provided by watching the show had subsided; what was left was something more crucial, which had emerged from the original feeling of entrancement; the true essence of Love Live which had made so many people fall in love with it… and brought much shame to the elitist in me.

No matter how many times I look myself in the mirror, I can’t help but see a deeply negative person. I’m quick to envision absolute worst-case scenarios, to give up early, to brood over what could have been… and came a time when I realized the girls of µ’s were the exact opposite of that. They were the very embodiment of something I didn’t have, something I looked up to. In a way they contradicted, negated this part of myself that I genuinely resent. (I guess this is why Honoka is my favorite of the bunch). Time had revealed what was so magnificent to me about µ’s. Their unrelenting positivity, their unwavering desire to achieve their dreams regardless of the hurdles, all through sheer hard work and determination, and all on their own; it seemed so self-evident, yet was so far from being so. I found it so beautiful, and I cherished them for that.

From this point on, there was no turning back, regardless of what the elitist inside wanted. I had fallen deeply in love with µ’s. In the end, I don’t care how “good” Love Live “actually” is; it’s given me so many things, shaped me into a better person. It spurs me on, tells me not to give up. Whenever I feel down, µ’s are whom I resort to; I think of them, listen to their music, and I remind myself of values so essential they’re deceptively easy to lose sight of.

There is little I could add beyond this; I could gush about Honoka and my favorite µ’s tunes, but that’s hardly the goal of this post which is but a short reflection in the aftermath of the final live. (And so little can be expressed in words, especially when tackling one’s own emotions). In a way this is already quite wordy for what I shall sum up with: thank you, µ’s. I’ll always love you. After all, µ’sic is forever, isn’t it?


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