Happy Birthday, Honoka!

Happy Birthday, Honoka!

So, today’s the 3rd of August. That means it’s Honoka’s birthday! Yay! I don’t want to embarrass myself too much with a tirade on why I love her (then again, this post is plenty embarrassing already…), and I’m not creative enough to draw or write a fanfic, so I’ll just take this opportunity to celebrate a little.

It’s been some years since it all started, and everything has ended some time ago as well…55696850_p0But the legend is very much alive! Your legend!52916934_p0Congratulations on achieving your greatest dreams!

I’d even say…

Thank you for achieving your greatest dreams!
56244834_p0Thank you for being an inspiration!56235419_p0Thank you for this unwavering smile that gives me some strength when I feel down.57235885_p0Thank you for showing me this miraculous moment where you shone the brightest. To this day, it still gives me that little push I need to keep moving forward.53970546_p0It may be a little thing – but it’s also a huge thing! I’m ever grateful for it.50849292_p0I always talk about Honoka, but let’s not forget everyone else. I love her the most as part of µ’s. µ’s are what’s most important. So I’ll say it again – µ’sic forever! 🎶56661188_p0

Happy birthday, Honoka! I love you so much!

– Vincent

Very angsty communist & general book nerd.



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