An Introduction

An Introduction

Welcome to my world.

I’m not the most comfortable with introductions, but let’s try anyway, okay? So my name is Vincent; I’m French and was born in Paris some eighteen years ago. Beside French and English, I also speak Spanish and Japanese. The images on this blog are probably telling, but I like anime culture, and in fact I run an anime website at Vox Artes (to launch in some days). I don’t enjoy just anime though; I also like visual novels, and read some manga from time to time. I’m particularly fond of Key novels, my favorite being Little Busters as the cover image absolutely doesn’t indicate, and Love Live. This blog will mostly be dedicated to anime and eroge, but who knows, I might write about other stuff too.
Speaking about that “other stuff” I enjoy, I like antiquated literature, rock music, and football (I support Barcelona, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund).

Now, why this blog? Simply, I felt the needed to have a place where I can write more personal posts in a more informal style, since I can’t very well do so in my anime reviews. That means I don’t plan to do “serious” reviews here; I might post some on more niche stuff that wouldn’t be cared about on Vox Artes, but they’ll still be informal. Otherwise I’ll mostly ramble about what I like (and what I dislike too). As for the name, I tried to reflect the “intimacy” I wanted from this blog, hence the adjective “tiny” (because one being is such a miniscule thing in the face of the vast universe… and perhaps because I’m physically tiny too); “melody” being a roundabout (and unabashedly romantic… this is seriously embarrassing now that I think about it) way of referring to my own life.

If you want to read my more serious stuff, or just want a great place to read about and discuss anime, go to Vox Artes (this is by no means shameless self-promotion or anything of the sort); but if you want more personal, laid-back pieces, then you’ve come to the right place.

We shall meet again soon.

Very angsty communist & general book nerd.

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